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Micah and Jennie Murphy are geeks who love their Catholic faith. They met online over a decade ago, at the height of St. John Paul II’s papacy, on a Catholic youth website and transferred to Franciscan University of Steubenville together to get their degrees in Theology, Catechesis, and Latin. Between them, Micah and Jennie have nearly two decades of experience working for the Church in everything ranging from youth ministry, curriculum planning, classroom instruction, web and graphic design, bulletin layout, video, audio, and marketing. They live in rural Louisiana with the four adorable children  – Aardvark, Monkey, Dingo, and Jackrabbit, to you – and a homeschool they legally registered as St. Thérèse of the Zoo. Let Micah and Jennie help you make your faith attractive with Thy Geekdom Come.

Geek Creds


  • Whovian
  • Reads comics
  • Wears t-shirts to work
  • Enjoys the original Twilight Zone
  • Nasally voice

Catholic Geek

  • Degree in theology/catechetics
  • Read The Catholic Source Book cover-to-cover
  • Proficient in Latin; 4 time gold-medalist on the National Latin Exams
  • 4 kids in the first 6 years of marriage
  • Knows all sorts of useless Catholic trivia
  • Grandpa was friends with a Servant of God
  • My mom went to high school with a cardinal



Director of Creative Services, Third Millennium Media
Working with leading Catholic speakers and publishers, I produced websites and graphic designs for clients, in addition to handling in-house concerns.


High School Theology Teacher
Working with seniors and sophomores, I instructed 5 years of students in Church history and scripture, using my own curricula because, let’s face it, most religious ed curricula are awful.


Parish Director of Youth Ministry
Hired to rebuild a youth group from the ground up after the sudden departure of the previous YM, by the grace of God, I grew the group three-fold over 2 years. My geeky love for and knowledge of Catholic doctrine was especially noted by youth and adult volunteers. My total lack of outdoorsiness was also noted as geeky. 🙂


Kinko’s Associate
At this summer job while living on the campus of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, I didn’t do much Catholic stuff, but I did learn a lot about printing and creative design.



Franciscan University of Steubenville

BA Theology & Catechetics


University of Nebraska – Lincoln


Conception Seminary College

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