Breath life into your message.

Your message deserves to be heard. Seen, too. Put it into pictures and take your game to a whole new level.


Say it with pictures. And iIllustrations. And logos. And cartoons. And infographics. And landscapes. And ads. And coloring pages. And…


Don’t just use attractive imagery, use it well. Layout design ensures that your all your media works together to convey your message.


Say more. Way more.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A minute of high-quality, HD video has 1800 images. You do the math. We work with our friends at Stella Productions to offer you affordable solutions. Always.


Film on Trial: Batman v. Superman

A couple nights ago, I went to see Batman v. Superman. My take: it was a good movie in itself - deeply powerful, even - but had some weird elements I didn't care for. SPOILERS BELOW. The movie begins with an opening montage explaining Batman's origin in this universe...

Sundays in Lent, Joys in Sorrows

A friend recently shared this video, which may be a bit difficult for some of you to watch. For me, it is a reminder of family and personal history, and a good demonstration of an important Catholic principle. As I mentioned in my recent vlog, I'm a mutt. Lots of...

Voting Q&A (or, Why It’s Good to Vote against Trump)

Posted this reply to a Trump supporter elsewhere, thought it was worth sharing:   Question A vote for a write in, is a thrown away vote. Democrats will rally around their candidate...a lying, murderous FELON, and Republicans can't get off their self righteous high...

Abraham, High-Res Photography, and the World Meeting of Families

Dear Abraham, Several months ago, during the World Meeting of Families, you approached our booth and asked if I would take your photo. "No problem," I said. "I'm the company photographer." So I took your picture and you wrote your email on a piece of paper so I could...