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Film on Trial: Batman v. Superman

A couple nights ago, I went to see Batman v. Superman. My take: it was a good movie in itself - deeply powerful, even - but had some weird elements I didn't care for. SPOILERS BELOW. The movie begins with an opening montage explaining Batman's origin in this universe...

Sundays in Lent, Joys in Sorrows

A friend recently shared this video, which may be a bit difficult for some of you to watch. For me, it is a reminder of family and personal history, and a good demonstration of an important Catholic principle. As I mentioned in my recent vlog, I'm a mutt. Lots of...

Voting Q&A (or, Why It’s Good to Vote against Trump)

Posted this reply to a Trump supporter elsewhere, thought it was worth sharing:   Question A vote for a write in, is a thrown away vote. Democrats will rally around their candidate...a lying, murderous FELON, and Republicans can't get off their self righteous high...

Abraham, High-Res Photography, and the World Meeting of Families

Dear Abraham, Several months ago, during the World Meeting of Families, you approached our booth and asked if I would take your photo. "No problem," I said. "I'm the company photographer." So I took your picture and you wrote your email on a piece of paper so I could...