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The Stylite Option

If you’re thinking of going all Benedictine Option in response to the inevitable outcome of Tuesday’s election…

(If you don’t get this joke, check out the stylites.)


Happy Halloween?

Do you know what’s truly scary about Halloween? It’s not the headless people, the dead, or the gore. What’s scary about Halloween is not being one of the hallowed, not being a saint. Be a saint!tgc_halloween_martyrs


A quick cartoon to celebrate the 17 newly named cardinals, including +Blase Cupich, my fellow Omaha native, who also went to high school with my mom. The bishop in this cartoon is gently inspired by his visage. 🙂


Back to School

Many schools are opening up again today. As a former Catholic theology teacher myself, I hope all the campus ministries out there have a better time at it than this: