Micah Murphy
Micah Murphy

Thy Geekdom Come is my place to share my craft and musings as an avid media technologist by day, cartoonist by night, and always, no matter the hour: husband, father, and wannabe saint.

Being a cradle Catholic, I had a close friendship with Jesus Christ as a child, but life being what it is for so many, that love turned cold. The later rediscovery – through personal trials and the depths of Catholic identity – led me to a fervor I had never known.

After a year discerning a priestly vocation in the seminary, I met my wife on an online Catholic forum and later courted her at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. I got my degree in theology and catechetics, moved to the Diocese of Shreveport to work as a youth minister/theology teacher, then began a career in Catholic media.

My wife and I live in rural Louisiana – not on the bayou – with our small clan of fierce warrior-geeks.

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