Spoiling Santa the Catholic Way

“Daddy, is Santa real?” Some years ago, a seminary classmate introduced to me the perplexing problem of this question. He himself had experienced a crisis of faith after discovering that his parents had lied to him for years about Santa Claus. Could their witness to Jesus Christ also be questionable? Should parents admit that Santa […]

Top 10 Reasons You Should Donate to My GoFundMe This #GivingTuesday

A broken septic tank can really stink. Literally. Do I really need to spell out Number 2 on this list? City slicker? Imagine all your biological waste going into a tub in your backyard. Now that tub is full. And the thing that empties it out is broken. Basically, it’s like the plumbing version of […]

Fan Question: “Why Don’t You Just Adopt?”

“You breeders are excited about your sixth kid? What is wrong with you? We’re overpopulated. Why don’t you do the Christian thing and adopt?” Rude Ignoramus on Facebook (Paraphrase) I’m not sure whether I should be offended by the term breeder or delight in it. It seems to me that taking easy offense is one […]

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