Top 10 Reasons You Should Donate to My GoFundMe This #GivingTuesday

A broken septic tank can really stink. Literally. Do I really need to spell out Number 2 on this list? City slicker? Imagine all your biological waste going into a tub in your backyard. Now that tub is full. And the thing that empties it out is broken. Basically, it’s like the plumbing version of […]

Country Living: What the Magazine Doesn’t Tell You

When I was a kid, my mom had stacks of Country Living magazines all over the place. From the comforts of our suburban home, she was absolutely in love with the idea of country living. Who wouldn’t be? Spacious yards, quiet calm, porch swings under knotty pines. Sounds relaxing. It’s not. Most people who live […]

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