5 Facts about St. (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta

1. Mother Teresa was not Indian. She was an ethnic Albanian. Her willingness to serve the poor only stands out more when you consider that she left her own native land in Europe to travel halfway across the world. That’s love. Real, incarnational love. 2. Although a minority religion in Calcutta, Christianity was not new […]

Voting Q&A (or, Why It’s Good to Vote against Trump)

Posted this reply to a Trump supporter elsewhere, thought it was worth sharing:   Question A vote for a write in, is a thrown away vote. Democrats will rally around their candidate…a lying, murderous FELON, and Republicans can’t get off their self righteous high horse to vote for someone with cajones? People didn’t vote for […]

Abraham, High-Res Photography, and the World Meeting of Families

Dear Abraham, Several months ago, during the World Meeting of Families, you approached our booth and asked if I would take your photo. “No problem,” I said. “I’m the company photographer.” So I took your picture and you wrote your email on a piece of paper so I could send it to you. Unfortunately, that […]

On Pope Francis’ Change to the Washing of Feet

Anyone who knows me knows my preferences as a Catholic are very traditional. Ad orientem, Latin chant, incense, everything. That said, I regret the years I spent as a very strict and very closed-hearted crusader for these things. We must move, as Fr. Z often says, brick by brick, if we wish to institute change […]

What the Media isn’t Telling You about the Crisis in Oregon

As you may be aware, armed protesters have holed themselves up in a federal building in Oregon to protest the massive overreach of the government in control of land in the western US, which has included land grabs for, frankly, reasons I can’t begin to fathom. What do they want with it? Is Uncle Sam […]

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