1. A broken septic tank can really stink. Literally.
  2. Do I really need to spell out Number 2 on this list?
  3. City slicker? Imagine all your biological waste going into a tub in your backyard. Now that tub is full. And the thing that empties it out is broken. Basically, it’s like the plumbing version of constipation and the laxative costs many hundreds of dollars.
  4. Have you ever flushed the potty with legitimate apprehension that this may be the time it comes back up … through the kitchen sink?
  5. Consider it an act of rebellion. By contributing, you are literally not putting up with my crap any longer.
  6. Number 6? Did I mention we’re expecting child #6? And believe me, they all go #2.
  7. How else can you help a family out and say you put your money to waste? (Get it?)
  8. With the hand-me-downs and budgeting, running a family of 8 sometimes feels like managing a nonprofit (but it’s not, so please don’t expect a tax deduction form).
  9. There are tons of great organizations you can help and I don’t want to stand in their way screaming “HELP US!” but seriously, HELP US!
  10. I pray for all of my benefactors, and God bless you!

Convinced? Support my family’s potty quest!

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