Voting Q&A (or, Why It’s Good to Vote against Trump)

Posted this reply to a Trump supporter elsewhere, thought it was worth sharing:



A vote for a write in, is a thrown away vote. Democrats will rally around their candidate…a lying, murderous FELON, and Republicans can’t get off their self righteous high horse to vote for someone with cajones? People didn’t vote for Romney because he was a Mormon. How’d that work out for you?


  1. Voting is never throwing away a vote, no matter how rhetoric may attempt to spin that. It’s casting a vote.
  2. Voting third party/write-in could only be considered to help Hillary win if a) Hillary had a chance to win the election (on that score, polls say she’ll beat Trump, but not Cruz) AND b) my state would otherwise go to someone else (my state will very likely go for someone other than Hillary, and I have a better chance of winning the lottery while being struck by lightning while riding a dolphin over the moon than I do of tilting that race with my vote).
  3. The idea of a throw-away vote tilting the race is relative. If I would otherwise vote Democrat, and decided to vote third party, the Dems would say I helped Trump. If I would otherwise vote GOP, and decided to vote third-party, the GOP would say I helped Hillary. However, I’m an independent, and my vote will always go to the best candidate, usually a Republican, but not necessarily, and even then, almost always because he’s the less-bad candidate, not the good candidate. See, the “throw-away vote” rhetoric only works when the voters decide based on party instead of based on candidate. In the case of Trump vs. Hillary, I don’t see a less bad candidate (they’re both awful), and so my vote never had a chance to go for either of them. Therefore, it’s not a throw-away vote.
  4. Even if my vote *did* help elect Hillary, I’d be morally clean. The effect of my vote would have been extremely remote, indirect, unintended, and not even material cooperation.
  5. I sucked it up and voted for Romney in 2012. It didn’t work out well for me. What was your point again?
  6. Donald Trump is a liar, a cheat, and a thief of private property, a man with no respect for women or minorities, who tries to play both sides of the fence on every issue, and is totally devoid of any moral character. My brother, who is a genius political historian, says Trump reminds him most of Mussolini. (Take that, Godwin’s Law.) I can’t vote for him, even if his opponent does turn out to be a woman who should be behind bars. Why? Because so should he. Not for murder, perhaps, but behind bars nonetheless, and I see absolutely no reason at all to vote for the man over Hillary.
  7. How a person like Trump could be considered to have cajones is beyond me; rash stupidity is not virtue. Courage guided by prudence is virtue. Trump can’t even stand his ground and hold a position for more than a few minutes. Is that ballsy? Is it ballsy to fret about the size of his manhood on national television? Is it ballsy to have outbursts of anger and threaten to torture the children of terrorists? I sure as heck don’t think so. Trump is a monster, and worse, he’s a monster who will – once elected – jump back to being liberal so fast your head will spin. Trump will betray you.

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