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About Thy Geekdom Come

Howdy, y’all! Thanks for becoming a patron! Your support is essential to my plans for global dominat—! Wait, no. I just want to bring a little humor and levity to the Catholic web space in my own geeky way and your support goes a long way to encouraging that and making it happen.

Thy Geekdom Come follows the exploits of the Puddle Family, most recently on an adventure through history, as they go about their daily, Catholic homeschooling lives. My goal is to blend my great loves: family, my own kids as inspiration, childhood, education, geeky stuff, and sci-fi with my greatest love: Jesus Christ. TGC is rooted in the idea that our human geekiness is an expression of God’s image in us: His Incarnational love for each and every one of us is the perfect beginning and end of all overwhelming, exhaustive interest. That’s what geekiness is. We get it from Him.

About the Artist

Lowly instructional designer by day, cartoonist by night, I’m the Catholic father of 7 and geek-of-all-trades behind the wildly mediocre Thy Geekdom Come series. For as little as the price of a decent cup of coffee a month, you can be a part of TGC and support this little family of mine.