It’s been a few months since TGC’s redesign and I want to give a shout-out to my Superfans. Some of you are newcomers, others have been with me since 2015, when I first started drawing some horrible scribbles in ink. TGC has grown consistently but slowly, even for a niche as small as Catholic families with geek interests, and we just passed 4000 followers on Facebook, which remains our primary social media channel.

You’ve been with me through thick and thin. Many of you have jumped in to help out in our times of need, when we lost our Margaret, and when our new Little Girl had to go to the NICU. There’s a bit of an extended family in TGC. That community is deeply meaningful to me.

I did not have a happy childhood. I never had many friends; if you define it as most people do, I really had no friends until high school and then just a handful. I was lonely, chronically depressed. I … had struggles that I can’t share because it would ruin reputations, but suffice it to say that I survived because I had hope in the future. When very few of my natural connections have been there for me, I’ve made a family for myself, both of my own stock and of close friends I’ve made in adulthood. You Superfans are among them. One of you even texts me regularly.

Thank you, Superfans. Thank you for being there for me.