Motivation Mondays: PPC Threats

by | Jun 7, 2021 | Comics, Motivation Mondays, Phylis, Public | 0 comments

If you’ve never worked in parish ministry, you probably don’t realize that the Parish Pastoral Council Chair is the most intimidating and powerful person in the parish. No, not by sacramental authority. Just by sheer brutality.

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Micah Murphy

Micah Murphy

Cartoonist, humorist, general pain in the ist

Born from the mind of a neurotically serious Catholic heaven-bent on choosing to laugh at his own folly, Thy Geekdom Come is the endeavor of Micah Murphy, academia nut by day, mediocre cartoonist by night, but ever the geek-of-all-trades. His hope is to infuse into Catholic discourse a gravely needed levity. Micah lives in the Diocese of Shreveport, LA, with his wife and their flock of children.


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