In St. Augustine’s Confessions, he writes that along with his companions, he once stole a great deal of pears — not for hunger, as he was not hungry, but for the sake of committing theft — and so this comic came to mind and I hope you will enjoy it.

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Thy Geekdom Come is the sometimes profitable endeavor a man who, like his main characters, the Puddle Family, has thrown himself head-first into the Humanae Vitae lifestyle of way more kids than have been deemed sane by the world at large. If you feel moved to pity him — or his family — please consider throwing him $5, $10, or $15 and he’ll give you a few perks in return for becoming a Supporting Member of TGC.

Micah Murphy

Micah Murphy

Humorist, cartoonist, general pain in the ist

Born from the mind of a neurotically serious Catholic heaven-bent on choosing to laugh at his own folly, Thy Geekdom Come is the endeavor of Micah Murphy, academia nut by day, mediocre cartoonist by night, but ever the geek-of-all-trades. He brings to this work his B.A. in theology, catechetics, and Latin, his M.Ed. in Curriculum, and – far more relevantly – his years of experience as a lay Catholic in ministry. His hope is to bring everyone a laugh through the gift of humility that allows us to take ourselves lightly. Micah lives in the Diocese of Shreveport, LA, with his wife and their flock of billy goats – NO! Children. Children. Please treat him to coffee before engaging in conversation.

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