Announcing St. Michael the Archangel, an original TGC artwork smartphone background for your mobile! Purchase and download this new background artwork to show off your favorite saint today! The St. Michael artwork was inspired by the iconic Ender’s Game line, “The Enemy’s Gate is Down!” as seen on our tee.

Ender’s Game is my favorite novel, well written and full of rich banter with imaginative and immersive world-building. Although a dystopia where religion is less than encouraged, a bit of Catholic sensibility still remains in Ender, a Third (rare and usually illegal third-born child), who declares in the Battle School that “The Enemy’s Gate is Down!” Although this line was never meant with a religious tone, it nevertheless gained one in my hearing and I love to think of it in moments of spiritual warfare.

These St. Michael the Archangel backgrounds show great detail and took several hours of intense work to produce originally in vector format, resulting in a crisp image that really is stunning. (My phone is set to red as I write this and it’s a thing of beauty.)

10% off for Puddle Jumper members and totally free for Traddeus Vult level members!

An image of the St. Michael the Archangel smartphone background applied to an Apple iPhone.