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If the Geekdom may be considered a town of its 8000 or so fans across social media, I suppose I would be its mayor. As for my mayoral politics, I am an ardent fan of the American Solidarity Party. I’ve made no secret of my take on the brand of conservatism I embrace — a conservatism of time-tested policy in balance with authentic human progress toward a future were all men and women can live in peaceful prosperity and goodwill. I find my views have a welcome home in the ASP and I invite all my fans to take a good look at their platform to find it more agreeable than the alternatives.

As the American Solidarity Party gears up for the 2024 Presidential Election, I have been asked and am pleased to endorse Peter Sonski for the ASP Presidential Primary.

I’ve gotten to know Peter a bit from our interactions on social media and know him to be an upstanding and outspoken supporter of the positions of our Catholic faith on economics, global peace, and the dignity of each and every human life for the whole of life.

As Thy Geekdom Come fans know, my family is deeply and personally committed to the issue of dignity for those with Down Syndrome, having lost our Maggie three years ago next month. Peter Sonski shared some words with me on that topic:

“It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out” (Proverbs 25:2).

God is full of mystery, and humans are full of wonder. Often though, God reveals himself in a manner humans overlook. I have found this uniquely true of people with Down syndrome. Although “blessed” by God with an extra chromosome, persons with Down syndrome are frequently dismissed. In fact, due to prenatal screening and “therapeutic” abortion, some nations have eradicated the condition by exterminating Down’s children in utero. 

For my part, I have learned much from these beautiful people, who exhibit joy and veracity that I will never equal. Families who welcome Down’s babies into their homes are richly blessed. I have heard and witnessed their testimonies and have confidence that the love of God is particularly manifest through people with Down syndrome.

Several years ago, through a mutual friend, my institution hosted an art exhibition, called Creation, by Bruce Gillespie, a man with Down syndrome. Bruce became a fast friend and went on later to exhibit at the University of Hartford and Yale. Bruce had limited ability to speak but his comprehension was keen. He communicated well through drawing.

The exhibit was a blessing, but the relationship even more so. Bruce died last year, having been out of contact for an extended period due to the pandemic. He is one of several people with Down syndrome I have been fortunate to meet, but he is one whose memory will not soon leave me.

Please join me in supporting Peter Sonski in the American Solidarity Party’s presidential primary.

How To Vote for Peter Sonski

To vote for Peter you need to be a dues paying member of the American Solidarity Party by May 9th. A donation of any amount even a dollar is enough and makes you a member for a year. The link to join or renew membership is at the bottom of this post. You will receive a ballot to vote for president and delegates for the ASP’s platform convention around May 24th. Also don’t forget to sign up for his mailing list!

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