Two Catholic Wolves and Gospel

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Inside of you are two wolves. Catholic wolves. And they’re fighting a battle for your soul.

Everywhere you go in the Church today, there seems to be schism, division, and civil war. And what’s the dividing line? It’s not what you think. What politician is the most despicable Catholic, which bishop is the most orthodox, and what Pope Francis thinks about the death penalty — no matter how important those issues may be, they’re are all issues powerless to doom your soul.

The real divide is this: will you feed the angry wolf of the joyful one?

As the world becomes ever more digitally native, memes and comics and tweets are becoming the stuff of faith, but so many Catholic pundits online thrive by cranking out rage among their followers. They may be fighting for the side of God, but they’re using the weapons of the devil. That just doesn’t work.

I grew up with depression. Chronic, crushing depression. And that need to make myself feel little bit better, like a drug, got me hooked on bad news, on controversy, and on showing myself all the time how much everything sucked for everyone else. I was a bad news junkie. It made me feel good about myself. Until it didn’t.

But the gospel isn’t the bad news. It’s not focused on all the garbage going on in the world or in the Church today.

The gospel is the Good News.

Once I realized how miserable that bad news anti-gospel was making me, I started searching for Christian joy. You know what I discovered? One thing every Catholic YouTube Rage Monster has forgotten: humility.

G.K. Chesterton famously said: “angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.”

Having the humility to laugh at ourselves, to enjoy the life God gave us, and not to take ourselves too seriously — that completely changes the tone of our lives and the way we present Christ to others.

And that’s why I started Thy Geekdom Come. My comics are about joy, about humility, about levity. Here’s my promise to you: cartoons that bring joy and levity to your faith, always authentically orthodox.

I leave you with a choice: You don’t have to be a fan — but I hope you will be. You don’t have to be a patron — but I hope you’d be that, too. You can enjoy most of my comics for free. But however you live your faith, I beg you to do it with levity. Let’s believe in the Good News again. Let’s feed the joyful Catholic wolf.

Proclaim the Geekdom.

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About Thy Geekdom Come

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