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A huge thank you to the designers at The Sprout Studio for their hard work in designing this site for TGC.

Post-launch, a few things have become apparent to me about improvements I didn’t request as part of the initial design. I’ll be making those soon and I just wanted my followers and supporters to know it:

– Clearer tags on premium content so you know what you’re getting for your membership. (In the meantime, if you just want to see the premium comics, try this page.)

– An indicator of how many supporters TGC has, not unlike Patreon’s.

– An indicator of how many comics, blog posts, and other content non-supporters are missing out on.

– For supporters, I’m planning a long story arc for Traddeus that I think will be a lot of fun and maybe eventually become a book in the store.

– I’ve been thinking about opening a Discord channel for supporters. Basically, a TGC supporters chat, along with me. My assumption is usually that nobody would want to talk to me — I’m literally a nobody — but hey, if people want it? I just know it’s something other creators do.

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About Thy Geekdom Come

About Thy Geekdom Come

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